Found Property and Weapon Returns


Any property that has been found within Mt. Morris Township can be turned over to the Mt. 

Morris Township Police Department at 5447 Bicentennial Drive Mt. Morris, Michigan 48458.  

Please leave your name, phone number, address.  Any property that has been found and turned 

in, may be returned to the person who found the property after 90 days if contact information 

was given at the time the property was turned in to us.  


Weapon Return


You must contact Jay Newcomer at (810) 785-1311 ext# 233 or email

To set up an appointment, you must bring valid picture identification.  Your CPL and weapon 

registration will be helpful.  A gun case and lock is required upon release and no ammunition will 

be released on the same calendar day the weapon is.

Any questions regarding property, contact Jay Newcomer at (810) 785-1311 extension 233.