The Mt. Morris Township Crisis Intervention Team 

consists of an eight man entry team which is 

highly trained in responding to crisis situations. 

The team is capable of responding to active 

shooters, barricaded stand-offs, hostage 

situations and high risk warrant service.  

In addition, the team has three members who 

are specifically trained in hostage negotiations 

and crisis intervention.

The Mt. Morris Township Police Department 

has been selected as one of the few agencies 

in Michigan to have an officer assigned 

to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). 

The assigned officer works under the authority 

of the DEA and in conjunction, focuses 

primarily on major drug trafficking cases 

that impact our area.

Mt. Morris Township Police assigns an officer with the Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) in an effort to fight illegal drug activity within Genesee County.