One of the services we provide are vacation checks while your home is unoccupied during a 

vacation, or during the winter months if you happen to have a second residence and will be away 

for an extended amount of time.  


Please have the below listed information and just send an email to our administrative staff.  They 

will complete the necessary form and our police officers will check the exterior of your residence 

while you are away.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (810) 785-1311.

  • Will this be a routine check or a vacation check
  • Address you want checked
  • Your name and telephone contact information
  • Emergency contact information (who will have a set of keys that lives nearby while you'll be away). We will need their name and telephone number please
  • Date you'll be leaving
  • Date you'll be returning
  • Is your residence alarmed and if so, who is the alarm company
  • Description of any vehicles in the driveway (a vehicle description of anyone checking on the house is needed as well).
  • If any lights will be left on, or on timers

Please notify us either by email or telephone as soon as you arrive back at home.

All requests should be sent to: