Chief Terence Green started his career path in law enforcement at 

Minnesota State University Moorehead where he earned a Bachelor 

of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 1991.  Upon graduation, he 

returned back to Michigan and in 1992, was hired by the Genesee 

County Sheriff's Department as a corrections officer.  While working 

full time as a corrections officer, Terence was sent to paramedic 

training and successfully graduated as a licensed paramedic 

in 1994.  

Following his paramedic training, Terence was then sent to 

Delta Police Academy and graduated as a certified police officer in 1995.  

Terence was initially assigned as a road deputy within the 

agency and remained in that position until 1999, when he was promoted to Sergeant and then assigned 

to three different narcotics teams over several years.  These included details with the Drug Enforcement 

Agency, Flint Area Narcotics Group and the Genesee County Sheriff's Department narcotics enforcement 

team, also known as the "Posse".  It was during his time working narcotics, that Terence found his 

passion for shutting down drug houses in the fight against illegal street drugs; a primary goal he still 

carries with him to this day.  In 2009, Terence was promoted to Captain until he retired from the 

Sheriff's Department in 2013.

Upon retirement, Terence joined the University of Michigan Flint Police Department where he held 

the rank of Sergeant.  He remained at the University of Michigan Police Department, while attending 

the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and successfully graduating in 2014.  

On September 25th, 2014, Terence was sworn in as the Chief of Police of the Mt. Morris Township 

Police Department.